After the signing the EFVAT agreement between Vietnam and Europe and with the advantage of Antwerp which is one of biggest main seaport in EU, the volume of imported goods into the Belgium from Vietnam has significantly increased. The Belgium is one of the main markets for exported good shipments handled by SM Global Logistics and below is useful information for shipping goods from Vietnam to Belgium:

What is the best method of delivering cargo from Vietnam to Belgium?

Here below are two method of delivering cargo from Vietnam to Belgium: sea freight and air freight.

Shipping cargo By SEA: this is the cheapest & most popular way for sending goods of all type of sizes, especially for FCL cargo (Full container load) & large size cargo. Sea freight offers more capacity than air freight but the time of transportation is slower than air freight; normally around 25- 30 days. If you are not pressed for time, this is the best option for shipping cargo from Vietnam to the Antwerp.

Shipping cargo by AIR: If your cargo is of small size and the shipment is time sensitive, air freight is always the best choice for delivering goods from Vietnam to Brussels international airport in Belgium.  Delivery takes only 3-5 days but the price will be much higher than shipment by sea.

Listed below are the advantages of using SM Global Logistics for your shipments by sea & by air:

Sea freight:  With our close relationship with major shipping lines such as CMA Line, Evergreens line, MAERSK Line, ONE Line , COSCO, and HAPAG-LLOYD, HMM.. We ensure to offer our customers the best price as well as arrange cargo space easily; especially during the peak season (this is a major issue for all companies during on peak season)

Air freight: We are the representative agent for some of the major airline companies flying to Europe so air freight prices are always competitive and can easily be arranged. Express delivery service is our specialty and is always available by air shipment.

The main port in Belgium & Vietnam:

Main Seaport  in Vietnam :

  • Hai Phong Sea port
  • Ho Chi Minh Sea Port (Cat Lai Seaport)
  • Danang port Sea Port

Main seaport in Belgium

  • Antwerp sea port
  • Brussels Seaport

Main airport in Vietnam

  • Hanoi airport ( Noi Bai Airport)
  • Ho Chi Minh airport ( Tan San Nhat airport)
  • Danang airport

Main airport in Belgium

  • Brussels airport
  • Ostend airport
  • Charleroi airport
  • Deurne airport

What is the main commodity exported from Vietnam to Belgium?

  • Ceramics product
  • Mobile product
  • Clothing Product
  • Food product…

The Advantage of using SM Global Logistics:

Almost all freight forwarding companies focus on freight only and outsource the other aspects of your shipment such as customs clearance and local trucking. But at SM Global Logistics every detail is handled by our company who provide customer support 24/7, including weekends and outside business hours.

Customer service 24/7 (We work all the time no matter what time zone you are in. Our customer service department is always working 24/7 to ensure that the shipment of your goods is on schedule and we will continuously update you with urgent information.)

Our Head Office is located in Hanoi (The capital of Vietnam) with representative offices in other major ports including Hai Phong, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh.

We always are here to support you

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