Exporting vegetables and fruits from Vietnam to EU

Exporting vegetables and fruits from Vietnam to EU

Before the EVFTA took effect, Vietnam’s vegetables and fruits exported to the EU market enjoyed preferential tax rates under the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP), It is at a hight rate, about 10%-20%. That makes Vietnam products are not competitive.

After the EVFTA took effect, the EU offers a substantial reduction of about 94 percent out of the total 547 tax lines on fresh and processed vegetables and fruits, including Vietnam. This makes a great advantage for Vietnam to compete against agricultural products of other areas.

So, How to export vegetables and fruits from Vietnam to EU?

  1. Major export products

Vietnamese fruit and vegetable products are exported to 25 EU member countries with the main export markets being the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, and Belgium..

EU becomes one of Vietnam’s main export markets, accounting for 30.7% of total export turnover with important items like coffee, cashews, pepper, vegetables, and rice, among others.

Here are some of the main export products:

HS 20098999: including products processed from passion fruit, passion fruit, coconut, dragon fruit, custard apple, lychee, ginger, mangosteen, mango, watermelon, tamarind, guava, kumquat…

HS 08109094: including passion fruit, dragon fruit, crocodile, rambutan

HS 08119000: including frozen fruits such as mango, pineapple, durian, jackfruit, litchi, papaya, dragon fruit, lemon


  1. Documentation to export vegetables and fruits

According to current regulations, fruits and vegetables are not banned for exporting.  Therefore, organizations, individuals and businesses can export as usual.

However, when exporting, businesses need to pay attention to properly and fully comply with the procedures. At the same time, it is necessary to prepare all relevant documents to ensure the smoothest and most favorable export activities.

Documentation for exporting vegetables and fruits includes:

  • Business registration license or Business household license or investment certificate (exporters only need to prepare 1 of these 3 types of documents, not all 3 types, however, on the license business must clearly state the line of fruit and vegetable business that can be operated at the head office)
  • Certificate of eligibility for food hygiene and safety at the place of preliminary processing and packaging of products
  • Product testing (testing each type of product if it has a different name)
  • Product quality publication
  • Certificate of Free Sale (CFS)
  • Medical certificate (Health Certificate)

3. Delivery cargo from Vietnam to EU

By air

This is the fastest option, with transit times as short as 4-7 days. It will be the best option for urgent cargo, cargo with small volume of requires special condition for delivery. However, the cost is much expensive than sea service and airline require restrict about dimension of package of the cargo.

SM Global provides air service from Vietnam to EU for all routes such as below:

  • HAN/ SGN – MUC (Noibai / Tan Son Nhat – Munich)
  • HAN/ SGN – LHR (Noibai / Tan Son Nhat – London Heathrow)
  • HAN/ SGN – FRA (Noibai / Tan Son Nhat – Frankfurt)
  • HAN/ SGN – AMS (Noibai / Tan Son Nhat – Amsterdam Schiphol)
  • HAN/ SGN – VIE (Noibai / Tan Son Nhat – Vienna International Airport)
  • HAN/ SGN – HAM (Noibai / Tan Son Nhat – Hamburg)


By sea

Regarding to Sea freight, transit times for ocean freight will depend on your destination. In general, you can expect durations of anywhere between 25- 40 days.

Main sea ports in Vietnam

  • Port Name: Ho Chi Minh City – Port code: VNSGN
  • Port Name: Haiphong- Port code: VNHPH
  • Port Name: Danang- Port code: VNDAD

Main sea ports in EU

  • Port Name: Rotterdam- Port code: NLRTM
  • Port Name: Antwerp (Belgium)- Port code: BEANR
  • Port Name: Hamburg- Port code: DEHAM
  • Port Name: BREMERHAVEN- Port code: DEBRV
  • Port Name: Valencia- Port code: ESVLC
  • Port Name: Felixstow- Port code: GBFXT
  • Port Name: Barcelona- Port code: ESBCN
  • Port Name: Le Havre- Port code: FRLEH


4. Why choose SM Vietnam Global Logistics for delivery cargo

SM Global Logistics has many years experience for exporting shipment

SM Global Logistics is known as one of the leading freight forwarding companies in Vietnam, providing ocean freight, air freight for export- import cargo service, customs clearance and local trucking. We can handle all term, include DDP until final destination. Until now, we have 4 branches in Vietnam and the network of agents all over the world to ensure handling shipment for many routes and types of commodity.

SM Global Logistics has good relationship with vendor and lines

SMG get our own trucking team with a big volume of truck and we are able to arrange special vehicle for all kinds of cargo. Besides, we have contract with many line: ONE, Wanhai, EMC, Yangming, Cosco…so SM Global confidents with the competitive rate, even if arrange a huge of space.

SM Global Logistics always brings the best customer service, ready for 24/7

We are always ready to answer, solve problems that related to shipment in order to provide the best service. With the spirit of international working, we not only work according to the Vietnamese time zone, but also have someone on duty to ensure that we do not miss any of our customers’ needs. We believe, good service will be what keeps customers more than anything.

SM Global’s strength is exporting cargo from Vietnam to EU

We had experience in handling EU shipments, and EU shipment accounting for around 38% total volume cargo (data 2021), with a big volume, we got competitive ocean freight and other service also.

  • The main commodity: garment, seafood, furniture, agricultural goods, iron and steel…
  • Volume per month: From 50- 70 containers (20 DC & 40HC)

We always are here to support you

Do you need carry your goods from Vietnam to another countries or vice versa ? Make it easy to contact us.