Exporting rubber from Vietnam to EU

Exporting rubber from Vietnam to EU

Rubber is one of the main export commodities of our country. At the same time, Vietnamese Rubber is gradually gaining the upper hand in the world market. With the effect of EVFTA, Europe becomes a major Rubber export partner of Vietnam. In the first 11 months of 2021, rubber exports to the EU reached about 100 thousand tons, equivalent to 175 million USD, up 33.7% in volume and strongly 72.6% in value over the same period in 2020.

So, how to export rubber from VN to EU?

  1. Exporting rubber from Vietnam to EU
    1. Main produce of rubber

There is a wide range of rubber ‘s product that exported each year, you can find some type of rubber as below:

  • natural rubber (TSNR)
  • other TSNR
  • Latex concentrates, neoprene and derivatives
  • Rubber conveyor belts, conveyors, or belts
  • rubber fittings and rubber tires


  1. Main supplier in Vietnam

As one of the main export products of Vietnam, rubber is exploited and developed by many enterprises. Vietnam has many famous export brands of rubber and rubber products, with a large export volume. BÌNH PHƯỚC BIGIMEXCO and VAN LOI CO.,LTD are leading rubber exporters in Vietnam. Besides, we have some other branches:  LIEN ANH RUBBER MANUFACTURING CO., LTD, VIET PHU THINH RUBBER JOINT STOCK COMPANY, TIEN THANH COMPANY LIMITED

  1. Top biggest market in EU that imported rubber from Vietnam most

Germany is the biggest market of Vietnam ‘s rubber. The value of importing rubber from Vietnam in 2021 reached 62 million USD.  Italy is the second market (reached 25 million USD), next is Spain (reached 22 million USD) and the Netherlands (reached 17 million USD).

EU consumption demand for rubber and rubber products is very large, especially high-grade rubber (SVR CV) and SVR 10, SVR 20

  1. Procedure and documentation for exporting rubber

This item is not on the list of goods banned from export, so Enterprises can carry out export procedures for normal commercial goods.


  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Bill of Lading
  • Phytosanitary Certificate
  • Fumigation Certificate
  • Certificate of Origin

About Hs code, pls refer some kind of HS code as below for rubber:




natural rubber (TSNR)


Other TSNR


Concentrated rubber latex


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  • The main commodity: garment, seafood, furniture, agricultural goods, iron and steel, …
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